About NUSA

NUSA logoNUSA stands for Ntungamo University Students Association. It is  aimed at facilitating interaction, social & cultural support and promoting transformational development among University students that hail from Ntungamo district.

The association has a rich background it owes to the wise advice of the first lady of Uganda Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni who advised its formation in 2009.

In 2010, the association took shape with strong members who promoted it. Among others, these were Eng. Fred Kangwagye (Patron since then to-date), Mr. Dunstan Atwijukire, Mr. Asiimwe Jimreeves, Mr. Julius Rutatina.

Since its formation, the association has had six president and these are:

1. Atwijukire Caleb(2011/12)

2. Philip Baitwa (2012/13)

3. Mr. Magundu Natamba Matsiko (2013/14)

4. Mr. Davidson Ndyabahika (2014/15)

5. Mr. Dan Nabimanya (current)

The association is registered as a CBO at Ntungamo district No. 234. It covers about 12 institutions and has a membership of over 700 students.

This platform enables publishing students stories, activities and opinions of different people, students and many other issues pertaining the social, political and cultural plus economic status of our District.


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